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Scotland deserves an Alternative

Five Priorities for an Alternative Scottish Government


The preservation of Scottish Culture and Identity.

Preserving Scottish culture and identity is vital. It unites communities, fostering a strong sense of belonging and social cohesion. Celebrating our heritage strengthens bonds among Scots, creating a vibrant and connected society.


Creating a Strong, Local and People First economy.

A Strong, Local, and People-First economy prioritizes community needs, supporting local businesses and inclusive growth, ensuring resilience and sustainability within the community.


Championing Family Values to build Resilient Communities.

Championing family values strengthens social connections and stability, while nurturing resilient communities cultivates collective strength and adaptability in times of adversity.


Ensuring well funded and effective Public Services.

Ensuring well-funded and effective Public Services guarantees accessible and high-quality provisions, meeting the diverse needs of individuals and fostering a thriving, supported community.


Delivering fair, efficient and beautiful infrastructure.

Delivering fair, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing infrastructure ensures equitable access, streamlined functionality, and enhances the visual appeal of communal spaces for everyone's benefit.

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