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Welcome to TSAP

Welcome to The Scottish Alternative Party. Founded in 2024, we are your alternative to the mainstream parties and their "Scotland last" attitude to governance.

Our Vision for Scotland

We'll end the Cost of Living crisis, protect our culture and identity, and foster a society of responsibility and accountability.


Reform Public Services

In our Scotland, Public Services will be Well Funded and Efficient.


Boost Local Businesses

In our Scotland, Local Businesses will once again rule our High Streets and Markets.


Overhaul Infrastructure

In our Scotland, roads will be smooth, trains will be on time, and architecture will be beautiful.


Revitalize Local Culture

In our Scotland, there will be no shortage of things to do. Markets, Festivals and Gatherings a plenty.


Ensure Human Dignity

In our Scotland, your rights come first. You'll always be free to speak your mind and pursue your dreams.

Action over Words

We believe action means more than words. That's why we are committed to Charity Work and Volunteering.



Over £250 donated to FoodBanks so far, and we're just getting started.

TSAP is Scotland's first fully transparent Political Party. Click below for our monthly report on Membership, Reach, Income, Expenditure and much more.

Get involved with TSAP

Scotland needs people like you to say enough is enough, and rid our country of the "Scotland last" politicians. We sincerely ask you to join the Party, Volunteer your Time, or even just Spread the Word.

Thank You

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