The Alternative Manifesto

The following Manifesto is intended as a general overview of what we stand for as a Party. For specifics please see our Policies Page.



Scotland is in chaos, order has been lost in this great nation. Our once proud people are now put last by our politicians, money lines every decision and morality has been kicked to the side.


Scottish Alternative is the only chance to stop this, to save Scotland and to Restore Order. There are many Parties out there, some worse, some better. However all have one thing in common, they have ideologies and they have interests. Scottish Alternative has no ideology and will put Scotland first, Scottish Alternative will put you first, Scottish Alternative will put our children, the future of the nation first!


The following Manifesto will outline our plan to Restore Order to Scotland, to save our communities, our culture, our environment, our economy and our people.


God save Scotland. - Ethan Scott | Chairman


Who is Scottish Alternative?


Founded in 2021 by Ethan Scott, Scottish Alternative is a grassroots Political Party which puts the people of Scotland first, regardless of ideology or circumstance of life.


There is not one person, including our Chairman who works for Scottish Alternative. We volunteer for this Party because we love our country and we have genuine belief in the cause.


No amount of donations, threats, bribery or blackmail will ever change this Parties policies. We listen to the Scottish people equally, whether its a homeless woman on the street, the richest man in the country or even our own families. Scotland must always come first.


Our Chairman works full time outside of Scottish Alternative, he volunteers the rest of his time to the Church and this Party. This is a vocation not a job, we are not career politicians. We are not politicians, we are Scots.


The religious aspect.


Scottish Alternative believes in Christian morality, what does this mean?


Morality needs to be based on authority. There is no way to definitively explain why something is immoral without evoking authority.


For example, ask yourself why murder is immoral? The common answer is that it causes harm, it takes life. However you can then ask yourself why that is immoral. Without evoking a moral authority you cannot explain it.


The only possible answers are:


Because our God says so.




Because our community/state/king says so.


Giving the latter the ability to dictate morality is incredibly dangerous, what if the majority decided to oppress the minority? 


Therefore Scottish Alternative chooses the former. Murder is wrong because God said so. We cannot change that and neither can anyone else, thus morality is fair and equal.


Scottish Alternative chose Christianity due to the majority of our members being Christian and because the historic religion of this nation is Christianity.




Scottish Alternative believes that for a nation to remain united, they must have a shared culture and sense of identity.


For that reason, we believe strongly in defending Scottish culture and ideals. The Government under Scottish Alternative would invest heavily in cultural events, community centres and historic sites, bringing a new wave of patriotism and love to the nation.


Scottish Alternative would utilise the education system to ensure children have a vast knowledge of this nation's rich history and cultural past.


Scottish Alternative would aim to erect many new statues and monuments to provide a sense of Scottish pride. We would ensure that as many buildings as possible are flying our flag, giving a real sense of belonging and community.


Scottish Alternative would teach proper ethics and etiquette in our schools, ensuring the next generation of Scottish men and women are polite, understanding and loving.


Policing and Crime.


Scottish Alternative believes that it is deplorable that women fear to walk our streets alone, that children must be supervised to leave the house and that gangs have effectively taken over areas of our nation.


We plan on reforming Police Scotland, cracking down on crime, and delivering a real sense of safety to Scottish communities. Prison time should be replaced with rehabilitation for lesser offences, it is our goal to get people back on the streets and contributing to society, not locking them up where they are driven into worse crimes by other inmates.


Scottish Alternative will legalise pepper spray and institute optional self defence classes, allowing women to better defend themselves against attackers.


We will strive to have our police officers more involved with the communities they protect, attending events and making their names known. Local patrols of officers the communities know and trust will be mandated, assuring locals that help is just round the corner.


We will focus the prison system on rehabilitation rather than punishment alone. Our prisons have became universities of crime, this must end now.


It is our goal to build a trustworthy, honest and local police force. It is our goal to build a safe Scotland that all can enjoy.


Drug addiction.


One of Scotland’s major issues is drug addiction. It is difficult to walk down a street in our capital without seeing someone completely devoid of all function.


We will immediately remove all drug addicts from the streets, taking them to safe and effective rehabilitation facilities. Once rehabilitated, addicts can rejoin Scottish society, giving them a second chance at life.


We will mobilise the full resources of the educational, entertainment and news industries to combat the dangerous glorification of drugs in our society.


We will decriminalise all drugs, no one should be punished for falling into the trap of addiction. Instead they should be helped to overcome the addiction and rejoin Scottish society.


Those found importing drugs into Scotland will be met with the full force of the law. Scottish Alternative will not let our people be taken advantage of or used.




The next generation of Scottish men and women is what will make or break what we will build up while in government. For this reason, we will do everything we can to create a Scotland first, fair and efficient education system.


Scottish Alternative will scrap the exam system, replacing it with a system similar to what was used in 2021, however with more protections and opportunities to challenge for students.


Scottish Alternative will make the mental health of Scottish students the first priority in schools. Young people should spend their time in education learning and developing, not worrying or combating depression.


We will mandate schools to teach all children basic first aid and how to spot the early signs of illness and infections.


We will mandate that all students learn basic life skills: Cooking, cleaning, exercising, the legal system and the tax code.


We will mandate the teaching of basic Scottish history and culture.


We will invest heavily in Scottish schools and their facilities, all children regardless of wealth or status deserve a chance at being who they dream of being.




Scottish Alternative believes that Scotland must be 100% energy independent. We must ensure that all people in our nation have access to safe, environmentally sound and cheap energy.


We believe the best way to do this at our current technological level is via nuclear energy. For this reason, we will construct however many nuclear power plants necessary to achieve complete energy independence.


With that being said, we also appreciate the need to move to 100% renewable energy. Scottish Alternative will heavily invest in renewable, green energy to combat the destruction of our environment and to ensure energy independence in future.


We will nationalise the energy industry to prevent rising costs and stop monopolisation of our national resources.




Scottish Alternative believes that defending our environment is of utmost concern. It is what makes our nation what it is and it is what drives a large portion of our culture.


We will build with nature, not against it, ensuring that migration paths are kept clear and that animals can live safely in an ever urbanising Scotland.


We will phase out plastic almost entirely, only allowing it to be used when extremely necessary.


We will invest heavily in the recycling and repurposing of used products, the less waste we create, the more money we keep.


We will incentivise the use of electric vehicles by constructing charging points around the nation, this coupled with our energy policies will ensure cheap mobility for Scottish people.


We will re-introduce lost species back into Scotland, creating a vibrant and diverse natural environment for our future generations to enjoy.




Scotland’s infrastructure is failing. We believe that safe, efficient and beautiful infrastructure is key to a productive and liveable Scotland.


We will ensure our roads are safe and smooth to drive on, prioritising the fixing of potholes and exercising the most efficient safety practices.


We will upgrade our railways, allowing all in Scotland to be connected by cheap, fast and safe rail.


We will put livability first. Roads, bridges and other infrastructure is what gives a sense of place. We must ensure the beauty of these utilities and consider their cultural impact.


We will legislate on architectural standards to ensure that buildings consider local culture and nature.


We will offer insulation for all homes and mandate that new homes are constructed with up to date energy saving and environmentally friendly practices.


We will end urban sprawl and prioritise the construction of higher density buildings.


We will incorporate nature in our cities and towns to give a better sense of place and to increase the efficiency of utilities. (Trees can help regulate temperature).




Scotland is amid a health crisis. Obesity rates are up and poor mental health is skyrocketing. It’s time we tackle these issues and create a healthy Scotland for future generations.




We will not ban unhealthy food, it is the individual's choice as to what they consume. We will however mandate that companies are completely honest with what is in their products and the real effect it causes to health.


We will ensure that plastic and other foreign particles do not contaminate food sold to the consumer.


We will mandate that Scottish schools regularly exercise their pupils.




Scottish Alternative will empower men and women to live their lives to the fullest. Mental health issues are not caused by a chemical imbalance, they are a symptom of the world around us. We must do everything we can to combat the evil of this world if we are to end the mental health crisis.


We will create a dedicated emergency mental health phone line for anyone to use at any time.


We will legislate that Schools must provide real help for those with mental health issues. This does not mean “safe-spaces”, it means helping students to accept that the world isn’t a safe place, teaching them to control their emotions and how to be stoic in the face of adversity.


In order to protect children online, we will mandate that 18+ sites (Pornography for example) will require legal proof of age before admitting entry. Adult content is incredibly dangerous for children and causes severe mental health risks down the line.


Public Services.


Our public services are a shambles, underfunded and without adequate staff numbers they are unable to perform their duties to the level necessary. This needs to be fixed immediately and Scottish Alternative is the only Party that will do it.


We will mandate that all public service workers are to be paid a living wage.


We will create guilds for the public sector, allowing workers to govern their own affairs and input their expert knowledge.


Scottish Alternative will invest heavily in the NHS, Fire and Police.


Scottish Alternative will end corruption in these services and ensure that they are run in the most efficient way possible.




It is abominable that poverty exists in a nation as rich as ours. Scottish Alternative will eradicate poverty, no one should have choose between starving or freezing.


This is our 5 step plan.


1 - Replace the benefits system.

2 - Create a public work force.

3 - Cheap energy for all.

4 - Cheap community housing.

5 - End interest on loans.


These coupled with other policies will create a Scotland free of poverty, where all men and women can live comfortably without monetary fear.




The money in our country is broken. Inflation is through the roof and our people are in debt. We must immediately tackle the issue of finance in this nation if we are to create the Scotland our people deserve.


We will nationalise the bank. Scottish money should not be used for profit, it should be invested back into the nation at no interest.


At present the banks are used as a trap to keep people in debt, £1000 becomes £5000 then £10000 and so on. We have a simple philosophy on this: Borrow £5000, pay £5000. No more, no less.


We as a nation must be fiscally responsible and pay off our debts as soon as possible. We cannot allow future generations to be tied down in the same way we are today.




Scottish Alternative believes that the best way to economic prosperity is neither socialism or capitalism, nor any other ideological system.


We will take what works from all systems and leave behind what doesn’t, creating a new system that works for the Scottish people, regardless of ideology.


We will lower tax on local businesses, giving them much needed breathing room in a market increasingly dominated by multinational corporations.


We will improve Trust Busting legislation, ensuring that monopolies are not formed and that all have a chance at business.


We will simplify the tax code significantly, removing loopholes that allow corporations to pay little to no tax.


We will remove tax on basic clothing, food and other essentials.


We will reserve highstreets for local businesses and make them tax free areas.


We will tax and regulate large multinational corporations, ensuring they stay in line and do not destroy local economies.


We will form Guilds for all sectors of our economy, ensuring workers' voices are heard and companies do not exploit our nation.


Our place in the world.




Scotland for generations has been at the forefront of invention and diplomacy, let's keep it this way.


We will work with international partners to promote peace and stability across the globe.


We will end Scottish involvement in the persecution and exploitation of foreign peoples by bringing industry back to Scotland and banning the import of goods created under (Scottish) minimum wage.


We will not bow to any foreign power, influence, organisation or company. Scottish politics is to remain in the control of Scottish people and them alone.


The Union


Scottish Alternative believes that other Parties use unionism/nationalism as a way to distract from major issues and their own failings, for this reason we refuse to take a stance on the issue.


We will put the Scottish people first regardless of whether they are unionist or nationalist.


All Scottish people deserve to prosper in a safe, affordable and beautiful Scotland, that is our first priority, regardless if we are to remain in the Union or leave.

Restore Order | The Alternative Manifesto

Written by Ethan Scott
Approved by Eilidh Hopkins
Reviewed by Team Scottish Alternative
Inspired by God

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