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The Invincible Safety Net.

- A complete overhaul of the Benefits System


Scotland's Benefit System is deeply flawed, failing to prioritize those who are most in need of assistance while allowing others to exploit it for personal gain. Its current state is a convoluted bureaucratic labyrinth that is ill-suited for a modern economy. In light of these shortcomings, we present a comprehensive proposal for a system-wide transformation, aiming to establish an efficient, dignified, and cost-effective safety net designed to support individuals during challenging times.

Tailored Card System

We present a visionary solution: the implementation of a personalized card system. This innovative approach entails allocating a predetermined sum of money on a weekly basis, with the balance resetting at the beginning of each week. The card will be meticulously customized to accommodate the unique circumstances of individuals or families, considering factors such as the number of dependents, among others. We propose two primary card types: Temporary and Permanent. The Temporary card is designed to assist individuals facing recent job loss or temporary financial setbacks, with certain purchase restrictions in place. On the other hand, the Permanent card is intended for individuals who are physically unable to work, ensuring unrestricted access to necessary funds.

In order to curb system abuse, we are committed to implementing stringent measures that deter any form of exploitation. As part of this initiative, we will enforce a zero-tolerance policy, whereby even a single instance of abuse will lead to an irrevocable and permanent ban from the system. This strict approach aims to safeguard the integrity of the system, ensuring that resources are directed to those who genuinely require support, while deterring any misuse that may undermine its effectiveness.

It is crucial to emphasize that the Zero Tolerance policy will solely target instances of unequivocal and deliberate abuse of the system. This includes cases such as attempting to bribe a doctor for personal gain. By focusing on genuine abuse, we aim to safeguard the integrity of the system while ensuring that individuals who genuinely need support receive the assistance they require. It is important to differentiate between intentional exploitation and those who may inadvertently make errors or face genuine challenges.

Prescription Benefits.

We advocate for the elimination of the burdensome and intrusive means testing procedures, replacing them with a more streamlined approach. Specifically, we propose that the issuance of the Permanent Card be facilitated through NHS prescription. Our core belief is that the determination of your eligibility for support should remain a private matter shared exclusively between you and your trusted healthcare professional. By adopting this approach, we aim to prioritize your well-being and ensure a more compassionate and respectful system that values your personal circumstances.

For individuals holding the Temporary card, access to benefits will be granted upon providing evidence of either the loss of a primary source of income or a substantial reduction in income. Once eligibility is established, the card will be promptly issued, providing immediate financial support. The allocated amount on the card will be based on the average cost of living, adjusted for inflation, ensuring that recipients receive a realistic and adequate sum that reflects their essential needs during challenging times.

Job Centre Overhaul.

We propose a comprehensive transformation of the Job Centre, focusing on enhancing its efficiency and compassion. One key aspect of our plan involves implementing cash incentives for employment advisors who successfully secure job placements for their clients. Furthermore, we advocate for an additional cash incentive to be awarded when the client maintains employment for a year, promoting job stability. Recognizing the importance of incentivising employers to hire individuals seeking assistance, we suggest that the government subsidize wages during the initial months of employment, thereby increasing the attractiveness of hiring these individuals. By combining these measures, we aim to create a more proactive, supportive, and mutually beneficial system that fosters both job seekers' success and employers' willingness to offer opportunities.

In order to promote the attendance of individuals at their Job Centre appointments, we have established a system that encourages timely participation. If two consecutive appointments are missed, the Temporary Card will be temporarily blocked until the individual attends a rescheduled appointment. In the event that repeated appointment absences persist, a permanent blocking of the Temporary Card may be implemented. However, it is important to note that exceptions will be made for cases involving medical emergencies or personal crises. This approach ensures accountability while maintaining flexibility and understanding for unforeseen circumstances that may prevent attendance.

We value your input and welcome any additional suggestions or ideas that you believe should be considered. If you feel that we may have overlooked something or have an idea you would like to contribute, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at Your feedback is crucial to our commitment to creating a comprehensive and inclusive plan, and we appreciate your involvement in shaping a better future for Scotland.

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