Ending Corruption

Scottish politics and governance is plagued with many issues.

One of the most paramount issues is the shadow of corruption eating away at our government and public services.

The Tories, SNP and Labour all together have proven themselves to be the Parties of corrupt cronies, rather than of the people.

There is an alternative however…

The Scottish Alternative Party promises that destroying the grips of corruption on Scottish politics will be one of our top priorities!

  • Lying in political office has resulted in a divide between the elite and the people, we will change this. Lying in political office will be criminalised and will result in the immediate removal from their position to restore trust in our government.

  • Cronyism in the government and public services will be eradicated. The Scottish people deserve the most capable and effective public workers, not those most loyal to their boss.

  • Financial donations to Parties will only be permitted from individuals. Political parties should never be financially dependent on corporations or organisations, they should be left to the people's democracy. All funding must be fully revealed to the public transparently and freely.

  • Public officials must be investigated for possible accounts of corruption and removed from their positions and imprisoned, if found guilty. The police must remove corrupt officials by force, if they do not resign voluntarily.

  • Expenses by the Scottish Government must be totally transparent to ensure taxpayer money doesn't go to waste and any corrupt expenditure must be banned. For example, the Scottish Government paid the former boss of Ferguson Marine £3,000 a day after the nationalisation of the business in 2019. Under Scottish Alternative such expenditures will be met at the genuine market rate instead of over bloated payments to corrupt company bosses.

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