The Drug Crisis

Updated: Oct 4

Of all the issues damaging Scottish society, the drug crisis is potentially the most crucial. Leading thousands to addiction and overdose.

The SNP and Tories have both completely botched the handling of the ever-growing drug crisis, leaving thousands broken and without help while our streets descend into degeneracy and decay.

Scottish Alternative will prioritise rehabilitation rather than punishment. Individual users are not to be punished, but rather referred to the NHS. To punish users only leads to them being unwilling and fearful to seek medical help. This does not address the issue of drug abuse and does nothing more than waste police time.

Instead of punishment, local authorities and NHS Scotland will set up a Drug Rehabilitation Force to launch major health campaigns and rehabilitate drug users. Drug users will be enrolled into the NHS program until Health professionals deem them rehabilitated.

Scottish Alternative will ruthlessly crack down on both importers and dealers of drugs, with justice being handed out accordingly to perpetrators. Those who serve to do nothing but prey on the Scottish people will be met with the full force of the Law.

By doing this, we will end Scotland’s drug crisis while ensuring that Health comes first. Let us build trust with the people, not lock them up for an addiction they cannot control.

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