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Dundee Campaign!

On the 25th of February, the Scottish Alternative team was out in force in Dundee city centre, spreading the word about our grassroots movement for positive change in Scotland. Led by Lewis Atkinson, our team put up posters and talked to people about our mission to create an affordable, safe, and clean Scotland.

The response we received was overwhelmingly positive, with many people expressing their support for our cause and asking how they could get involved. We were heartened to see how many people in Dundee share our vision for a better future for all Scots, and we're excited to continue building momentum in the city and beyond.

Of course, we're just getting started with our campaigning efforts in Dundee. We have many more activities planned in the coming weeks and months, including more poster campaigns, community outreach initiatives, and events where people can come together to discuss the issues that matter most to them.

If you're in Dundee or anywhere else in Scotland and want to get involved in our movement, we welcome you with open arms. Whether you want to help us put up posters, spread the word on social media, or just learn more about our vision for the future, we'd love to hear from you. Together, we can create a better Scotland for all.

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