Scotland has a housing crisis. On a scale much larger than we are lead to believe. Every day we see more and more houses constructed, yet no one seems to be able to own their own home, why is this?

The answer is a lack of proper regulation and the elite attempting to retain control and dominance. The houses are either too expensive, for rent only or gobbled up by foreign investors.

Scottish Alternative is the only Party with a plan to fix this, to make housing affordable again and to make Scottish people the priority in the housing industry.

Here is how we are going to do it:

Create a Priority Purchase List, placing first time Scottish home buyers at the top of the list. This will stop more monopolies from forming in the housing industry, allowing more Scottish people to achieve the dream of owning their own home.

Create a government Construction Force to construct plentiful cheap housing in order to drive down costs in the private sector.

Favour the construction of community minded housing, efficient on space and within walking distance to necessities.

The aim of these policies is to create cheap housing, reserved for Scottish people, while also driving down the cost of current housing and ensuring communal access is a priority.

These combined with our other economic policies will help create an affordable Scotland that all can enjoy.

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